South Lake
Medical Centre

DCK Centre, Moi South Lake Road, Naivasha, Kenya

Reliably serving the South Lake region with essential healthcare services for over fifteen years.

Open 24/7

SLMC is open Monday to Sunday, including holidays.

*Pharmacy opening hours: 8am-8pm.


SLMC cares for everyone in all situations. 

Some of our services include maternal care, an on-call ambulance and a retail pharmacy.


Have an emergency? To get an ambulance or for other assistance, call us at:

0759 212962


South Lake Medical Centre is open 24 hours a day and handles both emergency and routine cases.

For over fifteen years, SLMC has been open to all—providing health care to address the health care concerns of our community. 

We are accredited by the NHIF and numerous insurers for providing quality assured services to patients; our team of health professionals are trained to the highest standards.

SLMC prides itself on its mission to deliver excellent customer experience and follow-up care to the local community. We also often work with partners to run regular community engagement programs for health education and promotion.

We care for everyone—clients from the flower farming community, hotels and other corporate entities, as well as the community living around the Moi South Lake area. 

SLMC’s retail pharmacy is open from 8am-8pm.

To find out more about South Lake Medical Centre, call 0722 206 033 or email info@slmc.co.ke with your query.

Karagita Clinic

SLMC runs South Lake Medical Clinic in Karagita (Karagita, Moi Southlake Road, Naivasha).

The clinic is open 8am-8pm Monday to Saturday and is open for half days on Sundays. It runs consultations, lab tests and a retail pharmacy.

For other procedures (such as dental and eye-care), the main SLMC compound has to be used.

To find out more about SLMC in Karagita, call 0722 206 033 or email to info@slmc.co.ke with your query.



Our qualified health care team includes: a resident doctor-in charge (supported by Clinical Officers), a dentist and an ophthalmologist (eye doctor).

Retail Pharmacy

A wide range of quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices. Both over-the-counter products and prescriptions are available. Everyone is welcome.

Maternal Care

Caring maternal services, providing pre & post-natal care; maternity services; well-baby clinics; and immunization.


We run the largest laboratory in the Moi South Lake area. Our lab performs routine and specialized tests for both the public and for flower farm workers.

Inpatient Care

We provide overnight and longer duration treatment with care.

Reproductive & Sexual Care

We offer free consultations on contraception options and run clinics for women.


Our radiologist is available every day for X-rays and ultrasounds.


On-call 24 hours a day for all medical emergency needs and sport functions in the area.

Surgical Services

Full theatre services now available. Contact us for more information


Voluntary Counselling & Testing (VCT) and a comprehensive care centre are available.


Dental consultations are available by appointment;
call us at 0759 212 962 to book.


Ophthalmology (eye) consultations are available by appointment; call us at 0759 212 962 to book.


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Customer care: 0759 212 962
Direct line: 0722 206 033

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DCK Centre, Moi South Lake Road, Naivasha, Kenya

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